2016 TWOQC Nominations


Nov. 18, 2016 FMM POST: The nominating committee for the TWOQC 2017 board has been appointed and consists of the following members: Suzan Bryceland · Rena Craine · Bonnie Hyra · Dian Simmons.  The nominations are now closed. Elections will be held at the December luncheon where we will vote on the following Slate of Officers for 2017 for these open positions:

  • President-Elect ::: Pamela Rodgers
  • 2nd VP – Membership ::: Judy Collins
  • Treasurer ::: Linda Matthews or Nancy Jacobs
  • Programs ::: Kathleen Alves

You may email the nominatingcommittee@womenqc.com if you have questions.

Dec. 12, 2016 ELECTION RESULTS:  Treasurer ::: Nancy Jacobs