FMM: Scholarships

Continued from the January 20, 2017 Friday Morning Message…

Scholarship Application Deadline

Are you ready to be inspired?

TWOQC application requires a written essay that highlights achievements, goals, commitment to service and need. Here is an excerpt from one of last year’s applicants.

“Imagine waking up in a place where everyone speaks a different language than you. You try to speak but words get lost in translation…..I was ten when my family moved from Puerto Rico to Sahuarita. I struggled but in time conversing in English began to get easier….In my life, I want to make my existence on Earth meaningful. I want my voice to be heard in my own way.  In the end, I want to be able to say that the shy, quiet girl who did not speak English became a powerful woman who could be heard regardless of tongue, choosing to speak through kindness and selflessness.”

This applicant wants to become a doctor.