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September 6, 2019


SCHOLARSHIP HOEDOWN & RAFFLE TICKETS plus great merchandise on sale, September 19, 4:30-5:45, Madera Lobby. (Contact Peggy McGee 207-6188 or for Hoedown tickets and Suzan Bryceland at for cool quail merchandise).

HONOR A VETERAN. Notes for Honor Flight veterans due September 13, Julie Ratley, 727 N Hale Drive.

YOUR RECIPE COUNTS! Send Quail Creek Desert Sunshine recipes to Sue Obremski for inclusion in the November Craft Fair raffle baskets; or (531 N. Keyes Rd).

Friday Morning Messages (FMM’s) are now published every other week. Access the FMM delivery schedule & description of the FMM SHORTS. Below is the previous FMM.


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Month (day), 2019 FMM Shorts LOGO Mar.2019

FMM SHORTS that are warranted for month/day will be posted here. Visit this page again on Friday morning to check for possible updates.