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May 17, 2019 FMM Shorts LOGO Mar.2019

May’s program is early this month due to the Memorial Day holiday. The program is next Monday, May 20th. Details are in this link:


Friday Morning Messages (FMM’s) are now published every other week. Access the FMM delivery schedule & description of the FMM SHORTS. Below is the previous FMM.


The information above in the colored box will be added to the TOP of the most recently published FMM when SHORTS are published. 

OTHER EXAMPLES, if/when needed – below:

Month (day), 2019 FMM Shorts LOGO Mar.2019

Thank you for visiting TWOQC’s website. There are no FMM SHORTS for this week. Please peruse the website utilizing the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.

Month (day), 2019 FMM Shorts LOGO Mar.2019

FMM SHORTS that are warranted for month/day will be posted here. Visit this page again on Friday morning to check for possible updates.