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In My Kitchen: RECIPES

Recipes are filed in categorized subfolders: click link→ RECIPES  (When available, In My Kitchen event photos may be found in the PHOTO GALLERY, listed chronologically.)

  • Mar. 13, 2023 – Stone Fruit Salad and Baked Fudge Dessert with Joy Richardson (Categories: Desserts, and Appetizers, Dips, Party Snacks & Salads)
  • Mar. 8, 2023 – Healthy Chicken Alfredo with Jennie Gaines (Category: Main Course)
  • Feb. 14, 2023 – Decadent Chocolate Valentine’s Day Dessert with Tessie Hagerich (Category: Holiday)
  • Jan. 27, 2023 – Salmon Chowder with Maureen Brealey (Category: Main Course)
  • Apr. 28, 2022 – Italian Margaritas with Michele Petitti (all recipes) (Category: Appetizers, Dips, Party Snacks)
  • Apr. 22, 2022 – Pacific Salmon Feast with Margo Elsner (all recipes) (Category: Main Course)
  • Dec. 11, 2021 – Traditional Norwegian Lefse on the Griddle with Diane Gordon, Judi Byrne (Category: Holiday)
  • Dec. 10, 2021 – Holiday Cookie Exchange with Angie Werner, Pam Hartwell-James (Category: Holiday)
  • Oct. 14, 2021 – Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chili, Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Overnight Oats with Frannie Vanselow; Pam’s Pumpkin Dump Cake (Categories: Desserts, Breads/Rolls, Main Course, Miscellaneous)
  • Sept. 20, 2021 – White Chicken Chili; Pineapple Upside Down Treats with Tessie Hagerich (Categories: Desserts, Main Course)
  • Sept. 8, 2021 – Kung Pao Chicken & Coconut Pie with Becky Ashin (Categories: Main Course, Desserts)
  • Aug. 23, 2021 – Fig Bread/Fig Cake with Pam Hartwell-James (Category: Bread, Rolls).
  • July 19, 2021 – Gluten & Dairy-Free Cooking with Cathy Ollman (Categories: Appetizers; Breads & Rolls; Desserts; Miscellaneous).
  • July 8, 2021 – The first “In My Kitchen” introduction held by hostess, Pam Hartwell-James, where she demonstrated two dishes (Hawaiian Ham & Swiss Sliders, followed by Kahlua Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding) – Category: Appetizers & Desserts.

2022 Sept 16: 3rd Friday Book Group (September picks)
2022 Sept 7:  Book Discussion GroupNative American Literature (and sharing titles) – Pat Neel

2022 June 22: Coming of Age (book recommendations) – Sharon Pulcinella

2022: In My Garden

2022: Book Discussion of Women in History

May 18 — Members gathered at the home of Janice Messer, bringing a couple of their favorite non-fiction books or historical fiction about women in history for an interesting discussion. View the BOOK LIST.

2021: Tumacookery: Planning a Party (Handout)

September 27, 2021 – Out of the pandemic and into the firePLANNING A PARTY handout.

2021: Books About Africa with Susan Murphy

August 11 — Susan hosted a Books event on August 11 at her home. Included in the discussion will be “Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight” by Alexandra Fuller and the “#1 Ladies Detective Agency” series by Alexander McCall Smith. Books About Africa: List

2021: Garden Group Visit to QC Resident’s Organic Garden

June 14 — Members joined Sharon Pulcinella to visit Cyndy Padilla’s backyard vegetable gardens they started during the 2020 pandemic. Gardening Questions

2021: BOOKS with Pat Neel

April 21 — Members joined Pat Neel on her patio for a book sharing event. Book lovers who have read books so exceptional that you couldn’t part with them offered their favorite titles from their collection. Book List (updated from Feb. 23, 2021)

2021: The BIRDS OF QUAIL CREEK with Nick Pulcinella

March 4 — In a Zoom presentation, Nick Pulcinella shared his photographs and knowledge of the birds that share our Quail Creek neighborhood. 200 Photos

A variety of words describe sounds that birds make: sing, tweet, twitter, cheep, chirp, shriek/cry, and hoot. The 34-slides in the link below were extracted from Nick’s original presentation “Birds of Quail Creek” and include beautiful, distinct bird sounds.

  • Use a computer/laptop to access the link; using a mobile device (smartphone, iPad, Tablet) is not recommended.
  • Click/tap this link to begin: Sounds of the Birds of Quail Creek. The slideshow will auto-download to your computer. The average download time is approximately 1-minute.

Scroll through the slides (photos), one by one:

  1. Click/tap a slide to view the next photo.
  2. Then, click/tap on the same photo again to activate the bird sound (turn up your volume!).
  3. Click/tap again to advance to the next photo, and repeat this process to the end of the slideshow.

2021: BOOKS & WINE EVENT with Pat Neel

February 23 — Members joined Pat Neel on her patio for a book sharing and wine event. Book lovers who have read books so exceptional that you couldn’t part with them offered their favorite titles from their collection. Books List

2021: PRUNING DESERT PLANTS with Charlene Westgate (Westgate Designs)

February 16 — Charlene offered advice on pruning desert plants with lots of great photos to share as she talked about the timing and techniques of pruning in our desert climate. Access Charlene’s presentation slides.

2020: CRAFT SMALL GIFT BOXES with Sharon Pulcinella

December 2 & 9 — In a small-group setting, members learned how to craft small adorable gift boxes from old greeting cards to make simple and inexpensive gift boxes (for jewelry, gift cards, candies, etc). The following will be posted after the class: Directions 

2020: NO-SEW HOLIDAY CRAFTS with Sue Ann Obremski

December 3 — Members logged on to a virtual class demonstrating how to make easy no-sew holiday crafts. The following will be posted after the webinar: Quick, Easy No-Sew Directions 

2020: TORTILLA WORKSHOP by Minerva Rincon Orduno

September 26 — Members logged on to a virtual cooking demonstration learning how to make Sonoran flour tortillas with roasted chilies and cheese. Handout  Video


January 28 — Krista Millay, Community Director of the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, shared information on the issues faced by single mothers and other women in Southern Arizona and presented information about the Foundation &results of the latest research into the life and needs of women in our area. Handout


May 21 — Francesca Schelenski and Kathy Stone, the “Earth Angels”, demonstrated how to create beautiful cacti containers for your home and patio. Care of Cacti Containers

2017: November 11:  2017 November: YOTO Cookbook (recipes compiled by TWOQC)


August 29, 2014 — Randy Wade, owner/manager of Tumacookery, and his assistant Jeri entertain TWOQC by providing a cooking demonstration and tasting and offering his tips, tricks, and taboos of spiralizing. This method of turning vegetables and fruits into noodles allows cooks of all skill levels to whip up creative, healthy, and delicious meals. For those who did not receive a hard copy of the recipe and Tumacookery’s upcoming cooking classes, you may find the recipe and link to classes that may be available by accessing this link:  Spiralizing Recipe


November 16, 2013 — Jim Gressinger, travel writer and the publisher of Southern Arizona Guide, will talk about The Best Hidden Treasures of Southern Arizona. His website is a wealth of information recommended dining & lodging; things to see and do. Check it out here:

STAY INFORMED! Subscribe for F*R*E*E to Jim’s weekly online newsletter:


August 31, 2013 — The program featured naturalist Jeff Babson. In his talk, Bites, Stings, and Scratches, Jeff investigated the plants and animals in the Sonoran desert that protect themselves in ways that are extremely unpopular with humans.

Attendees learned all about the well-fortified flora and fauna that dwell in the desert—bees, scorpions, rattlesnakes, poison ivy, and many others. Here is Jeff’s presentation handout: Jeff Babson on Biters, Stingers, & Itchers (♥ Fun Tidbit: Jeff’s parents, Sandy & Dave, are QC residents.)


May 18, 2013  — Civano’s horticulturist and landscape designer, Eric Clark, has been designing gardens for the past 25 years. His expert knowledge of the southern Arizona unique climate makes him the ultimate Southwest designer. Here are handouts Eric provided at the program: Civano Garden handouts


January 26, 2012 — The meeting featured Anne Maxon from the VisitTucson organization. Anne shared the following:

  • many fascinating attractions and cuisine to be found around town.
  • great restaurants to try, “off the beaten track” fun activities, the art, and cultural scene, and interesting day trips.
  • how to use the website for VisitTucson to find topics such as 100 Things to do and 23 miles of great Mexican food.
  • Things to do: Real Deals in the Tucson Region


September 29, 2012 — Linda Strader has lived in Arizona since 1972 and has been gardening for more than 28 years. A landscape architect, certified arborist, and author, Linda teaches classes for everyone in desert plant care for Green Valley Recreation and provides services in landscape design. She presented container gardening techniques at the September meeting.

Here are the links for the four downloadable handouts (in Word) Linda provided at the meeting:
Container_Garden_Handout · Handout-vegetable_and_herb_list


July 2011 — Randy Wade, owner/manager of Tumacookery focused on using new food preparation tools and products to make time spent in the kitchen both fun and easy. During a cooking demonstration, Randy prepared a dessert similar to Bananas Foster, called Caribbean Treat, for all attendees to taste. At the end of the meeting, there was a drawing for door prizes of items from Tumacookery.

Randy has a long and interesting background in the culinary arts. He enjoys cooking, loves to eat, and delights in finding and selling just the right tools for specific kitchen tasks. Anyone who has visited the store knows that it is one of the shopping treasures of Tubac.

Randy offered the Bananas Foster recipe and he also offered to sell our cookbooks in his store. Download the Bananas Foster Recipe.


To print this article, please click on the CoolHandyCactus.

November 14, 2011 — Winterizing your Cacti and Succulents

Mark Sitter, B & B Cactus Farm  ·  11550 E Speedway Blvd · Tucson, Arizona
(520) 721-4687   ·


  • Trichocereus Hybrids-Hybrid Torch Cactus
  • Trichocereus terscheckii-Argentine Saguaro
  • Thelocactus macdowellii-Chihuahuan Snow Ball
  • Thelocactus bicolor-Glory of Texas
  • Mammillaria rubragrandis-Pincushion
  • Oreocereus celsianus-Old Man of the Andes
  • Echinocactus grusonii-Golden Barrel
  • Echinocereus triglochidiatus-Claret Cup Hedgehog
  • Ferocactus pilosus-Red Spined Barrel
  • Ferocactus wislizeni-Fishhook Barrel
  • Frost Cloth · Christmas Lights · Styrofoam Cups

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