2015 November: A Shared Table Cookbook 2014

To coincide with the club’s 10th anniversary, The Women of Quail Creek published an entirely differentCookbooks$15 cookbook in 2014.  

Thanks to all TWOQC members and residents of Quail Creek who contributed the 393 tried and true recipes, and to the many club members who worked on committees to complete this project. 

The cookbooks arrived on Wed., July 30, 2014. Price was $15 per cookbook or for a special deal you can “buy 10, get one free” while there is inventory.

All proceeds will go to support Genesis House, a local charity that provides shelter and advocacy for victims of domestic violence.

UPDATE! November 13, 2015: Our cookbook sales team did a phenomenal job of selling cookbooks at the Crafts Fair November 7 and 8, so we happily report that the project has officially come to an end—there are no more cookbooks! We will be presenting another $920 to Genesis House later this month.

Janice Swain, who designed the cover and dividers for the cookbook, and Peggy McGee were honored at a luncheon on November 10 for our efforts to support Genesis House. Patti O’Berry, founder and CEO of Genesis House mentioned several times how our $6000 donation helped them pay off the lease-to-own option of the mortgage.Hands of a Friend award_twoqc_Nov2015

JaniceS_PeggyM_Hands of a friend certificates 2015

L-R: Janice Swain holds her certificate and Peggy McGee holds one for The Women of Quail Creek. The certificate and photo of Janice & Peggy are posted in the photo album. [… 2015 Photo Albums]

Hands of a Friend Layout