Test page

A variety of words describe sounds that birds make: sing, tweet, twitter, cheep, chirp, shriek/cry, and hoot. The 34-slides in the link below are from Nick Pulcinella’s original presentation “Birds of Quail Creek” (March 4, 2021) and include beautiful, distinct bird sounds.

As you access the link below (depending on the device you are using), the slideshow will either open on your device (mobile: phone, iPad/Tablet) to view the photos, or download to your device (computer, laptop) to access the bird sounds per slide. Scroll through the slides, one by one:

  1. Click/tap a slide to view the next photo
  2. Then, click/tap on the same photo again to activate the bird sound (turn up your volume!)
  3. Click/tap again to advance to the next photo, and repeat this process to the end of the slideshow.

Click/tap this link to begin: Sounds of the Birds of Quail Creek

Page created: 3/6/2021