2015 TWOQC Nominations

There are three existing positions for which the terms expire on December 31, 2015, one position that will be vacated when Carol Mutter resigns as Membership Chair at the end of the year and since one person cannot do all the work required with our growing organization, two new positions, 3rd Vice President for Community Relations and Program Chair.

President:  Peggy McGee, who agreed to another one-year extension last year, will complete 6 ½ years as President on December 31.  Carol Mutter, currently 2nd Vice President, has accepted the nomination to take over as President.

1st Vice President, Publicity.  Janice Pell will be completing her 2-year term and does not wish to seek re-election.  Diane Quinn has agreed to accept this nomination.

2nd Vice President, Membership:  Carol Mutter will resign at the end of the year if she is elected to the Presidency.   Patti Giannasi has agreed to accept this nomination. 

3rd Vice President, Community Relations:  Peggy McGee, with her extensive contact list, has agreed to accept this nomination.

Secretary:  Barbara Kittle will be completing her second 2-year term and therefore is not eligible for re-election.  Sue Ann Obremski has agreed to accept this nomination.

Program Chair:  Will be responsible for selecting and arranging for interesting speakers and programs or entertainment for General Meetings and luncheons.  Janice Pell has agreed to accept this nomination.

These are all voting positions.

New to the board last year were Chairs of major committees.  These are non-voting members of the board but those who serve as major committee chairs will be eligible to serve as president in the future.  All were elected to a 2-year term.  Now that she has agreed to be nominated to assume the duties of 2nd Vice President, Membership, Patti Giannasi will be resigning as Membership Chair, effective December 31 if elected.

Membership Chair:  To assist 2nd VP, Membership by coordinating and overseeing check-in volunteers:  Jeanne Duynslager has agreed to accept this nomination.

Elections for all seven positions will take place by hand vote at our December luncheon.