YOTO (Youth On Their Own)

WHAT IS YOTO? Youth On Their Own (YOTO) is a dropout prevention program that supports the high school graduation and continued success of homeless, unaccompanied youth in Pima County. “Educating homeless teens… investing in Arizona’s future.”


10/30/2020: During the month of October, YOTO requested help to collect socks for the YOTO students. Socks are one of the most sought-after items in the YOTO Mini Mall, and unfortunately, they also require regular replacement which can be costly for the students. Their goal this year is to collect 3,000 pairs of socks for Youth On Their Own students! Socks had to be new and in men’s and women’s sizes only. The October annual Sock Drive for YOTO ended on Friday, October 30 and our group, The Bobbi Sockers, collected 2,077 pairs of socks for YOTO Youth from the residents of Quail Creek. Thank you to all who contributed.


Sue Ann Obremski & Karen Baker deliver donations (July 29. 2020)

7/24/20: COVID-19 has been part of our lives for the past several months and affected us in many different ways. YOTO is no exception.

Here is your special invitation to join hands with The Women of Quail Creek to help YOTO and make a difference with just… two cans!   


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Solution to Mask Wearing at the Hairdresser

7/7/20 UPDATE: (NEW)  Many of us are ready to visit the hairdresser or have and found out how much trouble it is to wear a mask during the visit. Master Mask Designer, Sue Ann Obremski, has come up with a mask that will make it much easier. A face mask with no loops and the sides are slightly smaller. It is held onto the face using two 2” strips of surgical tape, one on each side. She has tested it out by wearing it around for several hours with no problem. The (new) Hairdresser Mask Pattern is available free in this link. (Click pink masks to enlarge photo.)

You may order an already made hairdresser mask by sending an email to 2qcladies@gmail.com to include your name & phone number, number of masks requested, and identify you want a Hairdresser Mask.  In lieu of a charge, we are requesting a donation of $5.00 (each) to YOTO.

6/26/20 UPDATE: COVID-19 virus continues to have us protect ourselves and be on guard along with our family and friends. With that, schools are going to start up again soon and our precious little ones will probably need to take measures to protect themselves. We have listened to your mask suggestions and thank you for the input.

  • We have adapted the ‘Duck Bill’ mask style for children in 3 sizes.
  • The mask stands away from the nose while still hugging the face at the outer edges, making it easier to breath.
  • There are two loops to secure the mask on their heads and when they don’t have to have it on their face they can just pull it down and it will hang around their neck (less apt to get lost).

We continue to offer several adult styles. There’s now a Gator mask and 3D mask that has been added to the collection. Access the Designer Mask Catalog. To order, send an email to 2qcladies@gmail.com to include your name & phone number, number of masks requested, type of mask (if designer mask, provide Design #), and preference for elastic or ties. You will be contacted when the masks are ready for pickup. Send inquiries to 2qcladies@gmail.com.

Click the link below for detailed information to order and check out the fun & NEW designs to choose from:


🎅2019 YOTO Holiday Blanket & Gift Drive🎄

Sue Ann Obremski, YOTO Chair (2019-2020)

Back To School Supply for Yoto 

8/2019: The Youth on Their Own back to school drive continues through August 31, 2019.   The school supplies for the Youth on Their Own are being collected at the Madera Clubhouse (main entrance) through August.


  • Backpacks
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Composition notebooks
  • Index cards
  • Folders (all types)
  • 3-Ring Binders
  • Gift cards: $10 and $25 (contact Sue at yoto@womenqc.com to arrange drop off directly to her in lieu of leaving gift cards in the Madera box).

All donations are appreciated. Thank you.
Questions? Contact yoto@womenqc.com.

TWOQC YOTO photo album.    TWOQC “spice things up” for YOTO!

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Inside the YOTO Committee


TWOQC’s YOTO Committee collected recipes to create a cookbook for YOTO students. This project was spearheaded by Sue Obremski.

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