YOTO (Youth On Their Own)

What is YOTO?

Youth On Their Own (YOTO) is a dropout prevention program that supports the high school graduation and continued success of homeless, unaccompanied youth in Pima County. “Educating homeless teens… investing in Arizona’s future.” 

December 2018 Holiday Gifting Program for Yoto 

We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the membership for the 2018 holiday campaign for YOTO students. Nearly all the holiday cards for middle and high school students were distributed. Cards that were available during the October membership luncheon had instructions for the green or red card. A GREEN card meant shopping for a middle school YOTO student. Instructions and shopping suggestions will be in each card. A RED card meant being asked to provide a gift card and a blanket for a high school student.

We have found that Fry’s has a great selection of various gift cards that meet the needs of the students receiving $15 cards. For a $25 card, Walmart and Target are also good choices. Visa or MasterCard gift cards may require an activation fee so they are typically not the best choice.

Thank you to all for your support!

A compilation of photos and updates may be found on TWOQC’s YOTO page.

The Women of Quail Creek “spice things up” for YOTO!

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