2020 Fundraising Task Force

May 29, 2020 — The leadership of TWOQC has heard the members in recent years as they speak of how often they are asked to contribute money or items to support various charities near and dear to our club. We have also seen how difficult it is for our various committees to solicit items for auction or raffle when so many local businesses are always asked for support. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses in our area will only increase this difficulty.

To support all our charitable committees and to turn us to a more organization-wide approach to charitable fundraising, TWOQC has now created a Fundraising Task Force comprised of both seasoned and new members.

Tessie Hagerich and Carin Kaiser are very pleased to have the opportunity to co-lead the new Fundraising Task Force. They look forward to meeting with this new team in June to begin the work assigned to them by the Executive Board, namely identifying new ways and collaborative ideas for fundraising that will benefit all of our charitable concerns and making fundraising recommendations that are compatible with TWOQC’s mission.

JUNE 12, 2020 — The Fundraising Task Force is how fully staffed. Joining Tessie Hagerich and Carin Kaiser on the task force are Becky Ashin, Deborah Bryant, Sandy Dinnocenti, Myra McCune, Peggy McGee, Carol Michels, Sue Ann Obremski, Deka Peters, and Mary Smith.

The task force will now come together as a team to fulfill the objective assigned to them by the Executive Board, to recommend fundraising strategies that will benefit all of our charitable concerns while increasing member engagement and fostering collaboration within our organization.

The Fundraising Task Force met virtually on June 18 to begin their work. The members discussed their shared commitment to TWOQC and to the success of the organization. The co-chairs, Tessie Hagerich and Carin Kaiser, presented the Executive Board’s charge to the group and discussed with the Task Force why the charge is important to TWOQC.

The Executive Board’s charge to the Task Force is:

  • Evaluate the current standing of our fundraising requirements for the next 12 months
  • Develop an action plan to acquire necessary funding
  • Review current and past TWOQC approaches to fundraising
  • Recommend future fundraising strategies that provide support for charitable causes while increasing member engagement and fostering collaboration within our organization.

The background considerations for the Board’s charge and the impact of COVID-19 on fundraising were discussed.

Discussions have included the opportunity to raise funds as one organization instead of each committee needing to raise the funds themselves to meet the needs of the charitable programs now supported by TWOQC. The task force unanimously agreed to move forward with the next steps to develop fundraising recommendations for a proposed strategy to change to one fundraising organization. Two sub-teams were established:

  • One will begin to examine how we can accomplish this change and identify the needed funding to support TWOQC’s charitable causes through June 2021. Tessie will lead this effort. Becky Ashin and Sue Ann Obremski volunteered to work with her on this project.
  • The other sub-team lead by Carin will research TWOQC’s current and past approaches to fundraising. Myra McCune and Peggy McGee volunteered for this team.

The committee met in 2020 twice a month.