Honor Flight

Honor Flight Southern Arizona works year-round to conduct as many flights as possible. Flights will “take off” as scheduled if funding and guardian needs are met.

June 2022 Update — Honor Flight Southern Arizona has announced its flight schedule for the next 12 months.

From November 10-13, there will be a special chartered flight for Native American veterans. Perhaps while it is too hot to be outdoors for long, you can get a start on writing letters of appreciation to those veterans who will be heading to Washington, DC to see the many monuments that have been erected in their honor.  There are sample letters at the link below.

As information updates, you may also check on flights on this website: Honor Flight Southern Arizona website.

Questions? Please contact TWOQC’s liaison at HonorFlight@womenqc.com.

The next regular flight will be in May 2023.

Write to a veteran on a scheduled Honor Flight. Here are example letters/notes starters.

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