Leadership Team

Contact the 2022 Project Coordinators, Special Projects, Committees:

Activities Coordinator – activities@womenqc.com (*)
Community Relations – community@womenqc.com
Funding & Giving – fundraising@womenqc.com
Groupworks Administrator – groupworks@womenqc.com
Honor Flight  honorflight@womenqc.com
Nominations – nominations@womenqc.com
Program Committee – programs@womenqc.com
Scholarships Committee – scholarships@womenqc.com
Taskforce Committee – taskforce@womenqc.com
Webmaster & Social Media – webmaster@womenqc.com
YANA – yana@womenqc.com

*Activities = committee requests: tables, room reservations, etc.

Welcome the 2022 LEADERSHIP TEAM

2022_ TWOQC proj coords_ chairs_Rev.Jan2022

Thank you to all who served on the 2021 LEADERSHIP TEAM

2021OCTrevised_ TWOQC committee chairs

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