2022 Scholarship Awards

On April 25, the Scholarship Committee formally presented 15 scholarships to this year’s award winners at a moving Awards Program in the Madera Ballroom, the largest number of awards given in a single year – 8 High School awards and 7 Women in Transition (WIT) awards to women headed to various schools and universities this coming fall. In all, $29,500 was awarded in 2022.

The program showcased the deserving recipients from varied backgrounds and circumstances. There were some emotional tears shed as bios of the Women in Transition were shared –  stories of persistence, overcoming significant challenges, single moms working hard to support families, and trying to manage to continue their education at the same time.

Among the High School recipients, their academic and extracurricular achievements were impressive, as was the range of their career goals – from nursing to cosmetology, to sports trainer, to materials science and engineering. 

(See photos from the Awards Program here, or access this link to enjoy a video compilation of the photos, compliments of Jim Burkstrand.)

The Scholarship Program has experienced substantial growth since 2016. That first year there were funds for only two $1,000 High School scholarships. In the second year, one WIT scholarship was added to the high school awards. Each High School award is currently $1,500 and the WIT scholarships are $2,500. To date, the Scholarship Committee has awarded $92,200 in funds to support college tuition and fees to over 50 women.

The opportunity to aid these women is only possible because of generous supporters of the Javelina Hoedown each fall, donors of dedicated scholarships, and contributions to the general Scholarship fund from many Quail Creek residents. We are enormously grateful for that generosity. 

The designation of TWOQC as a 501(c)(3) organization opens additional fundraising opportunities, and we look forward to the prospect of further growth of the Scholarship program. We must turn away many deserving applicants in our selection process each year. The need is great, and tuitions for post-high school education only continue to increase.

The Scholarship Committee thanks everyone who has supported the Scholarship program in so many ways.

Did You Know?

  • Scholarship Committee size: Currently 30 (as of May 2022)
  • Meeting times: First Monday every month, 9:00 a.m., except June and July
  • Most active months: Aug-Dec (Assist TWOQC Funding and Giving Committee as needed); Jan- Feb (advertising the scholarship program in the wider community); Mar-Apr (screening applications, interviewing applicants, awarding funds).
  • In 2022, a total of $29,500 was awarded to 15 applicants. Since 2016, Over $92,000 has been awarded to assist 51 women.

Activities of this Team: The Scholarship Committee is responsible for awarding the scholarship funds raised by TWOQC each year for that purpose. In addition to graduating high school senior girls who are continuing their education at college or a vocational school, scholarships are also awarded to Women in Transition (WIT) who are returning to college work or seeking additional training. Members of the Scholarship Committee may participate in the selection of either or both of these sub-groups of applicants.

The TWOQC fall fundraiser event raises funds for scholarships, and the Committee works hard to support the Funding and Giving Committee in that effort.  In January/February members help to promote the scholarship opportunity with schools and organizations in the wider community. After the application deadline in March, members review and select those who will be interviewed. The number of scholarships awarded depends on funds available each year. Mentors are assigned to provide support to each awardee and help the Scholarship Team keep in touch with each one. 

What is Unique about this Team: High School seniors have many scholarships to apply for, but there are very few offered to older women returning to school. TWOQC recognized this need in 2017 and developed a special category known as WIT, Women in Transition. It is not uncommon for a woman’s post-high school education to be interrupted or for her to find that she must change careers later in life. Very few scholarships are offered to women over 21 years of age. WIT recipients have expressed how this scholarship has made all the difference in their ability to return to school to finish their undergraduate degree, get the credits needed for certification or pursue an advanced degree.

There is something for everyone and lots of rewarding work to be done.

Members: If you have a desire to support women and their educational pursuits, contact and be part of their future.

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