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Did you know… the Monthly e-Newsletter is emailed to all subscribers of TWOQC’s website blog monthly on a consistent designated day by the President and Webmaster? The e-newsletter from the President/Publishing Team is based on shared updates of TWOQC events and committee activity. Edits to each article submitted is at the discretion of the President/Webmaster. The monthly e-Newsletter is also posted to the public site homepage ( when launched (published). Access the Monthly e-Newsletter production & delivery schedule.

Subscribed, but not receiving the monthly e-Newsletter?

Occasionally the system may randomly drop a subscribed email address and stop delivering to the subscriber. If this has happened to you, follow these steps to “unsubscribe” and “re-subscribe” again:

  1. Go into your email (Inbox) and open a *previous monthly e-Newsletter.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the email and Unsubscribe, making sure to follow all steps to complete the process.
  3. Return to the website homepage: and re-enter your email address to re-subscribe again (right-margin→ Sidebar for the subscribing process).
  4. Don’t forget to click “Subscribe” to complete the process.
  5. Final step: Go back to your email account, open the confirmation email from The Women of Quail Creek and click where it indicates to “confirm” your subscription to the website/blog. You will not receive the monthly e-Newsletter until the final step is completed.

* If you no longer have or cannot find the previously monthly e-Newsletter email in your Inbox, contact the Webmaster for assistance.

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