February 2, 2021 — TWOQC launched a new way to stay connected: GroupWorks.

GroupWorks is a free club management platform that simplifies member communications, handles event scheduling, collects payments, and frees up quality time for group leaders and members to do more of what we love, having FUN! Many of our Quail Creek Units and clubs already use GroupWorks to stay in touch.

On February 2, members received an email inviting them to join TWOQC on GroupWorks.

Already a GroupWorks member with other groups/clubs? Then simply login, accept the invitation, and TWOQC will be added to your groups’ list.

If you are new to GroupWorks, the email sent to TWOQC members provides login information that you will use to create your own GroupWorks account/profile. If you are not confident when it comes to computers, no problem. This training manual was emailed to members on January 26. The recorded training session (video), held on February 5 for members, will walk you through much of the platform.

This is an exciting new step for TWOQC and look forward to you joining us in GroupWorks! For questions, email TWOQC’s GW Administrator (

Some of you may have concerns about joining GroupWorks. If that is you, we have this shortlist of “Myths about GroupWorks” to share.

Myth #1: If I subscribe to GroupWorks I am going to get all kinds of junk email from outside groups.
Truth: GroupWorks does not sell advertising to any vendors.

Myth #2: If I join GroupWorks I am going to get emails from them every day about TWOQC happenings.
Truth: You can set up your profile to receive emails as often as you like, or not to receive them at all.

Myth #3: If I join GroupWorks everyone will have access to my personal information.
Truth: Only your name, email, and City/ Zip Code are required. You can set your profile to hide any or all of this information.

Myth #4: I already am on GroupWorks with another group. Now I will have to have two accounts.
Truth: If you are already on GroupWorks then TWOQC will just be added to your group’s list which is shown on the top left panel on GroupWorks. You keep your same login information.

Myth #5: I don’t need GroupWorks to get my information and to make my reservations.
Truth: It is true that we will continue to communicate with you through the FMM and the website. However, those subscribed to GroupWorks will receive information about upcoming events before those who are not.

You will want to know that GroupWorks subscribers will also have first opportunity to make reservations for many events. Without GroupWorks, you may miss out on many fun events if they fill before the FMM comes out.