GW mbrs login here_ no background™ is a free club management platform that simplifies member communications, handles event scheduling, collects payments, etc.  Many Quail Creek Units and clubs already use GroupWorks to manage their groups.

TWOQC’s members-only GroupWorks™ (GW) platform is where our organization’s announcements, program & event details, special messages from the President, posts from the key Leaders, and committee activity news/updates may be found.

TWOQC members are invited to join us in GW to sign up for an event, make a reservation (luncheon, special event), learn how to host your own small-group event and get large group & membership monthly meeting reservation instructions.

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Some of you may have concerns about joining GroupWorks. If that is you, we have this shortlist of “Myths about GroupWorks” to share.

Myth #1: If I subscribe to GroupWorks I am going to get all kinds of junk email from outside groups.
Truth: GroupWorks does not sell advertising to any vendors.

Myth #2: If I join GroupWorks I am going to get emails from them every day about TWOQC happenings.
Truth: You can adjust your profile settings to receive emails as often as you like, or not to receive them at all.

Myth #3: If I join GroupWorks everyone will have access to my personal information.
Truth: Only your name (first, last), email, and City/ Zip Code are required, however TWOQC requests that members include at least one phone number. Having a phone number for each member enables us to reach you more quickly (for example, maybe you have been bumped up on an event waitlist).

Myth #4: I already am on GroupWorks with another group. Now I will have to have two accounts.
Truth: If you are already on GroupWorks then TWOQC will just be added to your group’s list which is shown on the top, left panel on GroupWorks. You keep your same login information.

Myth #5: I don’t need GroupWorks to get my information and to make my reservations.
Truth: It is true that we will continue to provide highlights through the Monthy Message and the website. However, the details of our programs and events will come through GroupWorks, so those subscribed to GW will receive information about upcoming events before those who are not. To make a reservation for a TWOQC event or program, you must be in GroupWorks where members will have the first opportunity to make reservations for many events. Without being in GroupWorks, you will miss out on many fun events!