Guest Policy

TWOQC New Guest Policy Sept2022

Each year, new members joining TWOQC question bringing husbands, significant others, visiting family members, and non-member QC women as guests to TWOQC’s members-only programs and events. TWOQC programs and events are exclusive to members-only with the exception of several public events that the organization will host or sponsor and are open to all.

To learn about our organization, consider joining us at our annual Open House “Meet & Greet” where there are manned tables of Board of Directors and members serving on TWOQC committees. Other annual public events open to guests: Scholarships Award Night, 2 fundraisers, and the Holiday Luncheon.

If non-members interested in TWOQC miss attending the Open House “Meet & Greet” or the other four opportunities, they are invited to join TWOQC for only $25 for the year to enjoy all of the offered programs and events (large monthly events, luncheons, small group events). Those who paid their dues are entitled to the benefit of member-only activities. The cost to join is minimal compared to the benefits we offer.

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