Inside the Clothing Drive Committee

All Hands On Deck!

It is count downtime for the amazing team of the Quail Creek community-wide VA Clothing and House Goods Drive.

Since 2009 TWOQC has organized and coordinated the event to serve the homeless veterans in Tucson. What makes this different from our other charities?

  • First, it involves the largest number of volunteers for a single day event. This year 115  workers from TWOQC and Quail Creek community at large, and the JROTC from Sahuarita School District will deliver a well, choreographed event.
  • Second, the Drive is TWOQC’s longest-standing charitable endeavor.
  • Third, this is the opportunity to recycle gently used goods. Most of the work in preparation for the event is behind the scenes and involves spreading the word about items needed, collecting boxes, planning a secure site for the event, organizing pick-up and delivery to the VA.

On the third Saturday morning in October a legion of volunteers gather to collect, sort, box items and pack vehicles for delivery on Monday. A longtime volunteer described it as very fast-moving, organized and safe.

By 11 it is over, there are cheers and many retire to the lounge for something cool to drink. Another volunteer mentioned the Clothing Drive is a great place to test the waters for volunteering in TWOQC. If you are uncertain how much time you can give, the committee relies on only a few meetings organized by a number of leads and the grand finale on the third Saturday of October.

This project is retired.

Pat Neel, TWOQC President
FMM: September 27, 2019