Inside the Scholarship Committee

Did you know?

  • Committee size: Currently 26 (as of 2019)
  • Meeting times: 1st Monday every month, 9 am
  • Most active months: Aug-Nov (fundraising)  Feb-Apr (screening, interviewing, awarding)
  • Activities: fundraising; designing, developing & launching event for 300
  • Applications: reviewing completed applications, designing interview questions and expected responses, interviewing, selecting, awarding

What is unique about the Committee? It is the only TWOQC committee to raise funds and provide awards based on specific criteria that are determined by the committee and supported by our organization. Another unique feature is the method for distributing completed applications for review. Applications are scanned and uploaded to a Google account that is shared by the committee. You can imagine the reams of paper being saved! The group stays in touch with past awardees to provide annual updates. A recently formed subgroup will provide mentoring upon request. Finally, subcommittee members have forged partnerships with the high school’s counseling departments and with the Pima Community College Foundation.

There is something for everyone and lots of rewarding work to be done.

Members: If you have a desire to support women and their educational pursuits, contact  and be part of the future.

Pat Neel, TWOQC President
FMM: August 2, 2019