Inside the YOTO Committee

TWOQC Expressions from the Heart: YOTO

The kick-off for this year’s annual Holiday Blanket and Gift Bag Drive is Monday at the Membership Brunch. Holiday cards, created by the YOTO Committee, will be offered to members.  All cards contain instructions for purchasing items.  Green cards are for middle schoolers and red for high school students. You are encouraged to write a special holiday greeting before returning the card with your gift.  Can’t make the luncheon and want to participate,  contact Sue Ann Obremski (

It is our wish to make the holidays as special as possible by showing the YOTO students that TWOQC care. Thank you for your support.

Want more information about Youth On Their Own? A great place to start is their website.

Here’s what is unusual about TWOQC’s relationship with YOTO?  In partnership with Foundation leaders, the YOTO Committee identified ways TWOQC could reach out, offer hope and comfort to youth in the most fragile of circumstances. This was the impetus for the blanket drive, now in its fourth year. Additional activities evolved such as coordinating a drive to support their Mini Mall with shelf-ready food items.  The Committee created a cookbook using only items from the Mall, and they embellished the recipes with spice packets assembled by the Committee. Through the leadership of the YOTO Committee, TWOQC share empathy, hope and make a difference in the lives of youth without a place to call home.

Pat Neel (Nov. 2, 2019)
TWOQC President