Job Descriptions


Activity Coordinator (project coordinator) – Oversees all luncheons for TWOQC:

  • Involves room reservations, menu, tickets, and sale of tickets.
  • Coordinates with the QCHOA Director of Banquets on all tables needed for the luncheon and other activities associated with the luncheon. This can include the audio, stage access, lighting needs, etc.
  • Requests tables from QC-HOA Activities Director for various special needs for regular meetings, as well as any needs identified by the President or the Board.
  • Makes reservations for TWOQC Board luncheons, makes alternative arrangements for rooms as needed.
  • Coordinates with the President/Board for any special needs such as guest speaker’s needs, etc.
  • Is available to all special luncheon committees and/or other committees if needed for assistance with menus, signage, etc.
  • Sells tickets for the road trips, can, if needed, set up transportation, lunches, etc.

Membership (project coordinator) Assists 2nd VP, Membership:

  • Coordinates and oversees check-in volunteers.

Webmaster/Social Media (project coordinator) 


  • Responsible for layout content and postings on all pages of the site, and reviews material (posts, photos, etc.) to ensure is it always relevant and current (other than Archives).
  • Keeps files small so site loads faster.
  • Schedules the Friday Morning Message posts (or messages and posts of the Presidents’ appointed Board members and/or committee chairs).
  • Provides overall maintenance of the club’s website to ensure proper functionality of the site.

Social Media:

  • Oversees and maintains social media outlets that have been approved by the President and her Executive Board for the club to participate in.

Photographer (project coordinator)  

  • Responsible for taking pictures at all events and meetings, and as needed by request of the President and the Board.
  • Provides pictures for publicity purposes, and to the Historian.


Baby Shower (  Coordinates all details of the annual baby shower:

  • Establishes theme; forms committees, solicits volunteers.
  • Oversees and organizes contributions.
  • Executes final details leading up to the shower date.

Fashion Show Committee ( – Coordinates all details of the fashion show:

  • Establishes theme, menu and special drink request.
  • Forms committees, solicits volunteers, creates tables seating chart and room setup for QC Banquet manager.
  • Oversees ticket design/printing, coordinates attendee ticket & raffle ticket sales, registration, basket donations, decorations, fashions provider, models & rehearsals, and accompaniment music.
  • Attends all board meetings, as needed, to report the show’s progress.
  • Thorough level of additional details of all fashion show development is available in the Administration Only area for each year’s Fashion Show Chair.

Nominating Committee ( – Consists of three to five members appointed by the President:

  • To solicit potential candidates for the respective open offices.
  • Responsible for obtaining the acceptance of those nominated.
  • Posts the names of nominees at the Clubhouse along with those of any officers seeking reelection two weeks prior to the November meeting.

Program Committee (, 

  • Explores speakers in the local area and contacts them to see if they would have a presentation appropriate for the Club.
  • Ascertains any fees associated with as well as logistics requirements for the presentation.
  • Determines whether there are door prizes to complement the topic.
  • Presents suggestions to the President for consideration by the Executive Committee.

Scholarship Committee (

Scholarship Chair: Coordinates and facilitates the activities of the Scholarship Committee on behalf of the Board of TWOQC and in accordance of the by-laws of TWOQC.

Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and communicating need; scheduling meetings, setting agenda, and holding regularly scheduled meetings during work months.
  • Prepares notes of meetings with recommendations to the Board (committee decisions). and reports for the Board (describing activities, recommendations, income/expenses).
  • Works directly with the Board position created for Community Relations/Resources, Publicity Chair and Webmaster promoting activities and fundraisers. Collaborates with outside organizations regarding scholarship needs.
  • Communicates with finalists regarding status, assists TWOQC President (awarding scholarships), and contacts/disburses funds directly to institutions.

Scholarship Committee:

  • Brainstorms decisions on fundraising activity, creates timeline for scholarship activity process; participates in: fundraising activities, creating scholarship application, screening applicants, interviewing candidates, selecting awardees, awards & celebrations.
  • Thorough level of additional details of all scholarship program development is available in the Administration-Only area for each year’s Scholarship Chair and Committee.

YOTO Committee ( 

  • This committee works with representatives of Youth on Their Own, a Tucson-based charitable organization, to determine how members of TWOQC can help meet YOTO program goals.
  • This may involve fundraising, volunteering at events or other YOTO functions, providing assistance with the YOTO mini-malls, etc.
  • The committee determines the needs of the organization and then submits recommendations to the Board for future TWOQC support efforts.

Removed Executive Board job descriptions per majority Board vote at the February 2021 meeting. Page edited: 2/23/2021.
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