Job Descriptions


Membership Assistant (project coordinator) Assists Membership Director:

  • Coordinates and oversees check-in volunteers.

Webmaster/Social Media (project coordinator) 


  • Responsible for layout content and postings on all pages of the site, and reviews material (posts, photos, etc.) to ensure is it always relevant and current (other than Archives).
  • Keeps files small so site loads faster.
  • Designs and schedules the website Blog posts (or messages and posts of the Presidents’ appointed Board members and/or committee chairs).
  • Provides overall maintenance of the Organization’s website to ensure proper functionality of the site.

Social Media:

  • Oversees and maintains social media outlets that have been approved by the President and her Executive Board for the Organization to participate in.

Photographer (project coordinator)  

  • Responsible for taking pictures at all events and meetings, and as needed by request of the President and the Board.
  • Provides pictures for publicity purposes, and to the Historian.


Fashion Show Committee ( – Coordinates all details of the fashion show:

  • Establishes theme, menu and special drink request.
  • Forms committees, solicits volunteers, creates tables seating chart and room setup for QC Banquet manager.
  • Oversees ticket design/printing, coordinates attendee ticket & raffle ticket sales, registration, basket donations, decorations, fashions provider, models & rehearsals, and accompaniment music.
  • Attends all board meetings, as needed, to report the show’s progress.
  • Thorough level of additional details of all fashion show development is available in the Administration Only area for each year’s Fashion Show Chair.

Nominating Committee ( – Consists of three to five members appointed by the President:

  • To solicit potential candidates for the respective open offices.
  • Responsible for obtaining the acceptance of those nominated.
  • Posts the names of nominees at the Clubhouse along with those of any officers seeking reelection two weeks prior to the November meeting.

Program Committee (, 

  • Explores speakers in the local area and contacts them to see if they would have a presentation appropriate for the Organization.
  • Ascertains any fees associated with as well as logistics requirements for the presentation.
  • Determines whether there are door prizes to complement the topic.
  • Presents suggestions to the President for consideration by the Executive Committee.

Scholarship Committee (

Scholarship Chair: Coordinates and facilitates the activities of the Scholarship Committee on behalf of the Board of TWOQC and in accordance of the by-laws of TWOQC.

Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and communicating need; scheduling meetings, setting agenda, and holding regularly scheduled meetings during work months.
  • Prepares notes of meetings with recommendations to the Board (committee decisions). and reports for the Board (describing activities, recommendations, income/expenses).
  • Works directly with the Board position created for Community Relations/Resources, Publicity Chair and Webmaster promoting activities and fundraisers. Collaborates with outside organizations regarding scholarship needs.
  • Communicates with finalists regarding status, assists TWOQC President (awarding scholarships), and contacts/disburses funds directly to institutions.

Scholarship Committee:

  • Brainstorms decisions on fundraising activity, creates timeline for scholarship activity process; participates in: fundraising activities, creating scholarship application, screening applicants, interviewing candidates, selecting awardees, awards & celebrations.
  • Thorough level of additional details of all scholarship program development is available in the Administration-Only area for each year’s Scholarship Chair and Committee.

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