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Submission Guidelines & Instructions

Unless otherwise instructed, email your articles/photos to and


  • Submit articles in Microsoft Word (or other universal word-processing formats), Excel or PowerPoint.
  • No submission in email text format.
  • No PDF’s.
  • Do not highlight, bold, italicize or bullet the text = zero text formatting.
  • Graphic images should be in Jpeg format separately from the text submission (if this is not possible, contact: asap).
  • All formats not following these guidelines (including password-protected documents, etc.) will be returned to Sender.

It is the responsibility of the person submitting an article/photo to ensure that all content (names, titles, phone numbers, dates of events, etc.) are correct. The editorial deadline is 12 PM — three days prior to each monthly e-News publication date.

Submissions received post-deadline may not be included in the news release for which you intended. 

Photo Submission Guidelines

NEVER use the date/stamp on digital or film cameras. This ruins good photos.

DIGITAL CAMERAS – the beauty of a digital camera or smartphone is that you have almost instantaneous feedback on the pictures you’re taking – if you don’t like what you see you can re-shoot your pictures. As with film cameras, the higher the resolution the better the picture quality – minimum resolution 1600×1200 pixels (2 megapixels) is the preferred setting and provides excellent results. HELPFUL HINTS FOR TAKING PHOTOS


  • When past deadline, any important changes to a previously submitted (but not launched or scheduled to launch) news release… make sure to send your changes to the President and Webmaster: and
  • Sending to both increases the chance of getting your edits updated and completed if there is time prior to the launch/scheduled launch.
  • Only edits of great importance will be considered.

Thank you!

Page edited: January 26, 2022