Friday Morning Message & FMM Shorts Contributors

Submission Guidelines & Instructions

Unless otherwise instructed, email your articles/photos to and


  • Submit articles in Microsoft Word (or other universal word-processing formats), Excel or PowerPoint.
  • No submission in email text format.
  • No PDF’s.
  • Do not highlight or bullet the text.
  • Graphic images should be in Jpeg format separately from the text submission (if this is not possible, contact: asap).
  • All formats not following these guidelines (including password-protected documents, etc.) will be returned to Sender.

It is the responsibility of the person submitting an article/photo to ensure that all names, titles, phone numbers, dates of events, etc. are correct. The editorial deadline is by 12 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to each FMM and FMM Shorts (TWOQC’s “news release” venues).

Submissions received post-deadline may not be included in the news release for which you intended. If the information is pertinent it will be saved and included the following week. On occasion or during holiday weeks the news release schedule may change. The President and/or Webmaster will notify contributors of any changes.

Photo Submission Guidelines

NEVER use the date/stamp on digital or film cameras. This ruins good photos.

DIGITAL CAMERAS – the beauty of a digital camera or smartphone is that you have almost instantaneous feedback on the pictures you’re taking – if you don’t like what you see you can re-shoot your pictures. As with film cameras, the higher the resolution the better the picture quality – minimum resolution 1600×1200 pixels (2 megapixels) is the preferred setting and provides excellent results. HELPFUL HINTS FOR TAKING PHOTOS


  • When past deadline, any important changes to a previously submitted (but not launched or scheduled to launch) news release… make sure to send your changes to the the President and Webmaster:,, and
  • Sending to both increases the chance of getting your edits updated and completed if there is time prior to the launch/scheduled launch.
  • Only edits of great importance will be considered.
  • Share this information or page with your committee members who submit articles/photos.

Thank you!



Page edited: March 23, 2019