*NEW* Friday Morning Message Schedule & FMM SHORTS FAQ’s

The following dates reflect the *NEW* every other week Friday Morning Message (FMM) schedule.

You can expect to receive an FMM on these dates, which are also listed in the online Calendar. (Dates are subject to change.)

(2019) March 29
April 12
April 26
May 10
May 24
June 7
June 21
July 5
July 19
August 2
August 16
August 30
September 13
September 27
October 11
October 25
November 8
November 22
December 6
December 20

Holiday Break: Dec. 21, 2019 – Jan. 5, 2020

(2020) January 10
January 24
February 7
February 21
March 6
March 20

Those “between weeks” when a regular FMM is not scheduled are now known as the FMM SHORTS, which may appear at the top of the homepage.

Scheduled FMM dates are subject to change during holiday months or if/when warranted for special event occasions.


A:  TWOQC’s weekly FMM’s have shown a trend of delivering the same or very similar content of information for many consistent weeks. The publishing team spends considerable time (average 10 hours a week?) juggling that same content of those messages so they appear fresh and new – while still delivering the same news. We have brainstormed a plan to still keep our members and other subscribers informed in a simplified format and schedule.


A:  Beginning in April 2019, the FMM’s are set up for delivery every other week. The schedule of published dates will be available on the website (as found above). In between those weeks important announcements will be placed at the top of the homepage (womenqc.com) in a new section referred to as, FMM SHORTS.


A:  Here’s how the new FMM schedule will work:

  1. FMM’s will deliver via an emailed version of the Friday Morning Message(s) to each subscriber every other week instead of weekly.
  2. A list of the scheduled FMM’s will be available on the website for easy access.
  3. When an FMM is delivered via email the FMM message will be posted to TWOQC’s homepage (womenqc.com) as it always has, and will remain on the website until the next regular FMM is posted, replacing the previous version.
  4. On the “in between weeks”, special announcements (short & brief) may be posted to the TOP of the homepage (womenqc.com) in the FMM SHORTS section. (These announcements would be considered urgent and require being shared prior to the next regularly scheduled FMM launching).
  5. In the first few “in between weeks” through this new system, a email notification will go out to members-only reminding everyone to check the website for special FMM SHORTS announcements.

Page updated: 3/21/2019