Monthly Budget Reporting (2019)

TWOQC Board Members, Committee Chairs and Project Coordinators: Please use the form below to electronically submit your 2019 expenditures to the Treasurer.

Make selections from the following categories (where/when applicable):

  • SECTION #1 – Charities – Baby Shower, Fashion Show, Homeless Veterans, Scholarships, YOTO
  • SECTION #2 – Charity Donations – Fire Department, Honor Flight, Misc. Charity Request(s)
  • SECTION #3 -General – Decorations, General Administration, New Membership Tea’s, Programs/Door Prizes, Storage Unit, Website, Petty Cash

Add: Reporting Month, Date of/Amount of and Item(s) Purchased. When finished, click SUBMIT. The Treasurer will receive your completed form in her email Inbox.

Important to know:

  1. DOLLAR SIGN ($) – Form will not “submit” if the dollar sign ($) is included when entering Amount of Purchase. (See examples below.)
  2. All “required” fields must be completed for the Form to “submit” properly.
  3. Submit form separately for each purchased item (unless you can clearly state the separate purchase(s) information in the corresponding REMARKS section).
  4. AUTO-FILL – If your device offers “auto-filling” – opt out of auto-fill and type in the information in each field. The form will not submit using the auto-fill feature.
  5. To obtain a copy of your submitted form:
    1. (√) check the box (top of form) for the Treasurer to reply confirming receipt (you will receive an email directly from the Treasurer).
    2. Or, print the form prior to or immediately after electronically submitting. (You will not have the option to go back and retrieve the form after leaving that page.)

Need assistance? Contact or call/text: 664-4588.


Thank you for submitting your monthly budget purchases!