Holiday Music to Enjoy!

There are 22 Christmas songs for you to enjoy in the left sidebar of the website. The songs will play while having TWOQC’s website open in your browser window (see ♦NOTE below).
  • To begin, simply single-click on any of the songs in the Music Player.
  • Adjust the volume on the Music Player’s volume bar.
  • After a song plays, the next song in line will automatically begin.
  • Once the last song on the list finishes, the first song will automatically play and the list will be repeated unless “stopped”.
  • You may select an individual song to play with a single-click on the song title.
  • To stop the music entirely, single-click on the double-vertical lines as indicated in the graphic.

Total run-time for the entire list to play once is approximately 60 minutes. Don’t forget to turn up the volume on your device. Enjoy!

NOTE: The Music Player will stop playing as you navigate through the website. To prevent this from happening, open 2 browser windows with TWOQC website in each: keep one open while playing the music, and use the other to peruse the website.

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