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162d Wing Awards TWOQC’s for the 2018 Baby Shower

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162d Wing Annual Awards Presented at TWOQC’s May 2017 Program

May 2017 — The “Family Readiness Appreciation Award” and plaque were presented at TWOQC’s May 22 program to The Women of Quail Creek from a representative of the 162d Wing Air National Guard.

The beautiful awards were in appreciation of this year’s baby shower for military families, themed “Our Tiniest Patriots”, held on Saturday, May 20th at the Air National Guard facility on Valencia Road in Tucson, Arizona.

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162d Wing Annual Awards Ceremony – United States Air Force · Arizona Air National Guard

April 2, 2017 — The “Family Readiness Appreciation Award” from Brigadier General MacDonald of the 162d Wing Air National Guard.

This recognition is due to the annual military baby shower that is held on the base.

The Arizona Air National Guard appreciates the service and talent of The Women of Quail Creek to make life a little easier for active military families having and raising their children while serving their country. Additional Event Photos

The Women of Quail Creek’s awards are on display in the Quail Creek Creative Arts & Technology Building, sharing the same parking lot as the Madera Clubhouse.