Not Receiving Friday Morning Messages?!?

Sometimes a glitch in the system will result in President’s Friday Morning Messages (FMM’s) not delivering to a subscriber of The Women of Quail Creek’s blog (website). And sometimes the messages do not deliver for other reasons (i.e. subscriber changes to a different email account and neglects to re-subscribe with the new email address).

We want to help if you are not receiving the FMM’s and wish to — but we need a little bit more information before we can reach out to you. Please use the form below so that we can pursue a happy-ending and help you resolve your issues. Don’t forget to click on SUBMIT at the bottom of the form.

And remember — until the issues are resolved, you may always check TWOQC’s website homepage which updates every Friday morning, hence the reason it is called the “Friday Morning Message”.

Thank you! The Webmaster or a TWOQC Board member will contact you shortly!