Inside the Baby Shower Committee

This baby was born in 2011 when TWOQC supported a shower sponsored by the Auxiliary of the Green Valley Chapter, Military Officers Association. TWOQC has actively supported young families of the 162nd Air National Guard since then.

  • It has grown in size from twelve moms to thirty last year and has moved homes several times. The first shower was held in a classroom at the 162nd.
  • One year a hanger was decked out within a circus theme for the event.
  • The project was so well received by TWOQC that a charitable committee was formed in 2012. They coordinate the effort to raise cash, clothing, diaper donations, and handmade items.
  • Last year they produced an astonishing 1,400 handmade items (diaper bags, burp cloths, bibs, neck pillows, blankets, and more) for new moms.

News travels quickly, particularly when TWOQC Shower is featured on numerous local newscasts. It is becoming a legend.

The members of the Military Baby Shower continue to encourage others to join the fun, enthusiastic and patriotic committee. The committee is currently seeking ladies who like to sew or cut fabrics. There were many activities to draw on your creativity.

This project is retired.

Pat Neel
2018-2019 President