Inside TWOQC’s Team of Specialists

Hats Off to TWOQC’s Team of Specialists

Pat Neel, TWOQC President referencing the FMM: October 11, 2019. For an update of current contacts for these positions, visit the Committee Chairs and Project Coordinators page.

How well do you know them? What do they have in common yet entitles them to be ‘unique’?

Sandi Beach… decorates
Marianne Cobarrubias… manages our universe (website)
Bobbi Gordon… coordinates
Cindy Mayron… communicates
Eileen Sykora… documents

Unique-ability: As a group, they are the foundation of our organization. Their work captures and defines the elements of our mission; “A forum for women to participate in cultural, educational and recreational programs…”

  • Our mission requires a home, a showcase for our stories and a place to anchor our work. This place is our amazing website. We communicate, document, archive, and coordinate our activities here. This is where information for all programs is shared (Marianne).
  • Cindy, our messenger of information, keeps all of us informed through articles in QC Crossing, What’s Happening, and other Green Valley media outlets.
  • Bobbi, the coordinator at large procures spaces for programs and events. She sells tickets, secures rooms for meetings, helps with menu selection for luncheons, and completes “other duties” as needed.
  • Of particular interest are the creative and colorful tablescapes designed by Sandi and crew.
  • All photos are placed in the Photo Gallery within the week following the event. Lasting memories of events are archived (Eileen).

Oh yes, the Specialist Team has a combined total of 50-years of membership in TWOQC. This is the unique world of our specialists. CLICK HERE for a Fun Guessing Game of who’s who!

News Flash: Do you know when the first Friday Morning Message was launched on? Learn that historical fun fact HERE! The website has grown over the years as the organization expanded. View the growth from the beginning to today HERE.

Pat Neel, TWOQC President
FMM: October 11, 2019