Program Thank You’s

A Special Shout-Out to Our Hostesses, Presenters, and Leaders!

The activities you are enjoying are made possible because your fellow TWOQC members have stepped up to offer their talents, interests, and hospitality.  If you know any of these special ladies, please take a minute to thank them for giving so generously of their time:

Sue Obremski, seamstress and crafter extraordinaire, for her wonderful how-to presentations right from her “happy place” to you via modern technology.

Janet Rumford, who has sent many of our members home with smiles on their faces and some unique and cheerful painted rocks.

Bonnie Hyra, who is sharing her vast knowledge of Tucson to schedule excursions with our “On the Go” group to explore the many treasures found within this fascinating city.

Becky Ashin, our TWOQC President, for offering 4 hours of her time to teach a skill that is near and dear to her heart.

Pat Neel, a long-time member of TWOQC for the countless ways that she continues to give her time and talents to make TWOQC a better club for all.  She is currently organizing a hike, assisting our “On the Go” leader, and hosting a book chat event.

Bobbi Gordon, Activities Coordinator, who keeps track of all the reservations and keeps all of us on the straight and narrow!

Nick Pulcinella, long-suffering spouse of Sharon Pulcinella (Director of Programs) for his good-natured willingness to go with the flow and to share his knowledge and love of birds through his “Birds of Quail Creek” presentation.

My personal deep gratitude goes out to everyone on the Programs Committee who works tirelessly to find new programs, presenters, and venues that will be of interest to our members.  I feel so very blessed to be serving with such a gifted group of women.

If you would be willing to host a small group activity, please contact Sharon Pulcinella or any member of the Programs Committee. Your involvement is important to helping our members learn, engage, and make new connections. We all have something to offer!