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If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, they will be on sale in front of the Grill from 10-noon on Sunday, January 4. If you can’t get there on Sunday, please contact Nancy Jacobs at 970-946-3910. The fashion show will be held on Friday, February 6.

FashShowTix2015Your $25 ticket will get you admission to the fashion show with outfits provided by Nancy Pantz in the Continental Plaza Shopping Center as well as a delicious lunch. Menu is Chicken Nogales, cilantro rice and Birthday Cake for dessert. One does not have to be a member of TWOQC to attend the fashion show so please invite your neighbors to help us raise funds to not only support cancer research but also to provide services to cancer victims in the local area. Checks payable to TWOQC Charity Account. 

BABY SHOWERnoahs ark animals

Our first baby shower planning meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 6 at 1:30 in the Gold Room. Please join us there to share ideas for making this the best shower yet. Anyone who is interested in helping with this year’s shower is invited to attend. The shower will be held on April 18. The theme will once again be Noah’s Ark since there seem to be so many animal motifs in baby clothing. If you sew, knit or crochet, this might be a good time with our colder weather to start making baby items. As you saw from the recognition we got from the Air National Guard at the holiday luncheon, our efforts are greatly appreciated.


If you received any baskets for Christmas that we can use for raffle prizes, you may drop them off at Ginny Hutcheson’s house at 2494 E Bluejay Bluff Lane. And if you received any holiday gifts that just were not you, please consider re-gifting them for the raffle. Food, wine or spa baskets are always popular as are gift certificates. If you have questions about raffle donations, please call Ginny at 520 495-4027.


If you need a cookbook, please contact me at to arrange pick-up.


2015 DUES

If you were a member for 2014, your renewal dues are now overdue. Since many were travelling over the holidays, we won’t remove you from the membership database until the end of January.

The updated renewal Membership forms are on the website. You may drop renewal checks and forms at Carol Mutter’s home at 482 N. Alexis Loop. Carol is the new membership chair as of yesterday. We thank Margaret Morris for all her hard work for the past two years.

If you don’t plan to renew and want your name removed from the Friday Morning Messages now, you MUST unsubscribe. To unsubscribe:

  • Go to your email
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Follow the next few simple steps to permanently remove yourself from subscribing to the weekly president’s message. The system will not allow us to do that for you. 


There have been occasions when our WordPress software suddenly drops names for someFMM sample unknown reason. I have been dropped as has Marianne. If you suddenly stop receiving the Friday Morning Message and your dues are current, you must follow the same steps mentioned above:

  • Go to your email
  • Open a previous Friday Morning Message
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  • Follow the next few simple steps to complete the transaction
  • Then go to the website homepage:
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  • Go to your email and open the one from The Women of Quail Creek
  • Click CONFIRM FOLLOW in that email to complete the process

This will reactivate your subscribed status. 


Welcome to Nancy Wilson who became Treasurer yesterday.

Thanks to Ann Nease who has maintained the two checkbooks for the past two years.

Ann also designed all the tickets for our luncheons and field trips.


Letters from the Susan G Komen Foundation and the VA Hospital have been added to the website under 2014 Thank you notes.


As 2014 drew to a close, I recalled all the ladies who have helped make TWOQC the stellar club that it is and kept things running smoothly:Peggy_tree2014

  • 1st VP, Publicity, Janice Pell
  • 2nd VP, Membership, Margaret Morris
  • Secretary, Barbara Kittle
  • Treasurer, Ann Nease
  • Special Events/Decorations, Sandi Beach
  • Coupons, Lois & Janet Connell
  • Photographer, Eileen Sykora
  • Historian/Scrapbook, Mary Lehman
  • Webmaster, Marianne Cobarrubias
  • Cookbook Chair, Claudia Ullevig
  • Programs, Janice Pell and Barbara Kittle

And, a big thanks to all our members who helped with our various projects, donated to causes TWOQC supports, and assisted with check-in, cookbook sales, and the clothing drive. You all make me very proud to head such a caring group of ladies.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for all you did to make the holidays a little brighter for the less fortunate. I wish you all a happy, healthy, love-filled 2015.


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