Fashion Show Update

clipart_Relay_for_life.cancer researchSince so many of you have asked how we did with the fashion show, I decided to post a separate message rather than wait until Friday morning.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported the show either by attending the luncheon, volunteering your time as a model, and/or donating so many wonderful raffle prizes. Having 99 baskets was a new record for us—and maybe for other fund raising raffles too. I have never seen so many baskets in one place before. 

We really appreciate your buying the raffle tickets. Because of your generosity, the basket raffle alone earned $3,171 for the American Cancer Society (ACS). The 50-50 raffle brought in another $501 for ACS. From ticket sales and other donations, TWOQC was able to donate another $3000. There was also a small profit from the sale of the Bracelets of Hope. In the end, the event earned $6,672.

Someone who won one of the necklaces apparently took her prize before we could retrieve the grey velvet neck stand. If you have it, please return it to Sandi Beach at 1941 E Canyon Wren Way.

If any of you were lucky enough to win a raffle prize that was in a basket, and you have no use for the basket once you remove your prize, please consider donating it to the club for the baby shower. You may bring them to our meeting on February 23 at 10 AM or drop them off at Pam Rodgers’ house at 2640 E Sawyer Road.

Here are some photos and video clips of the event: 2015 Fashion Show.

If you haven’t had a chance to view last Friday’s message, you can get to it by clicking this link:  (which can also be found at the very, very bottom of this page).

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