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Donations page & TWOQC’s Nonprofit Status 7/19/2022 (D.Gordon, President)
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PROGRAMS: Starting a Small Group
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In My Kitchen – Recipes
Photo Gallery – post-event photo albums
Programs & Field Trip Ideas (online form)  2/14/2018

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Histories of TWOQC
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Survey Results (3/2022)

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Annual Membership Meeting (video)  11/4/2020 Zoom virtual meeting (B.Ashin, President & four Executive Board panelists)

President’s Video Message #4  8/7/2020 FMM (D.Quinn)
President’s Video Message Script “Address to Members”  8/7/2020 FMM (D.Quinn)
Entire Strategic Plan outlined in videos #1-4  8/7/2020 FMM (D.Quinn)
President’s Video Message #3  7/24/2020 FMM (D.Quinn)
President’s Video Message #2  6/26/2020 FMM (D.Quinn)
President’s Video Message #1  6/12/2020 FMM (D.Quinn)
President’s Video Message Script “Address to Members”  6/12/2020 FMM (D.Quinn)

How to ZOOM  6/12/2020 FMM (M.Cobarrubias, Webmaster)
2020 Fundraising Task Force  5/29/2020 (T.Hagerich, C.Kaiser – co-Chairs)

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